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I felt in love with the old manual lenses. Those lenses have a soul and can create fantastic images. Images of my dreams, visions, reflections, my inner world, my soul.

With the Nature & Art Photography I would like to show the world and things that exist around us, but – due to many reasons - are often invisible to  our eyes. I would like to show the beauty of nature in a unique way.




In my landscape photography I would like to show the beauty of the Scandinavian nature that surrounds me. Each day, each season it is so much interesting and different here .

In the summer you can enjoy “white nights”. Darker sky seasons can offer you spectacular nights with dancing aurora but also can bring windy and stormy days  when you can experience the power and strength of the nature.




The wildlife photography is actually my newest genre of photography. And it came as a side-effect of the landscape photography. Many times while I was taking pictures of the landscape I  met wide range of wild animals that call Scandinavia home and thought that it would be grate to take pictures of them. But for this I needed to buy en extra equipment. Today I can also enjoy this kind of photography. Cute arctic foxes are my favourite wildlife which I love to take picutes of. 


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