by Sylwia Grabinska

When people talk about nature photography as a style of photography,

what do they actually mean?

Nature photography refers to a wide range of photography taken outdoors and devoted to display natural elements such as landscapes, wildlife, plants, and close-ups of natural scenes and textures. Nature photography tends to put a stronger emphasis on the aesthetic value of the photo than other photography genres, such as photojournalism and documentary photography

Hi, I'm Sylwia Grabinska

I’m a nature photographer, living in Norway.

I am inviting you to My Photo World and

hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

Nature & Art


In this catalog you will find pictures of the nature, made in some special and artistic way. Most of these pictures are macro or close up photos.

I try to use various/different technic and different photo equipment.

I chase after a special light, composition and colours.

My pictures often have a surrealistic, impressionistic or fantasy look.

For this kind of photography I often use my favorite lens: Helios 58mm, Pentacon 29mm and 50mm. Thanks to these lenses I can get an unusual look of the nature.




I live in Norway, the country with endless landscapes.

The turquoise sea, the fjords, enchanting mountains, waterfalls, northern light… this is what I try to capture in my landscapes photography. Every season is different and interesting. The light is changing so often that the same place can look very different just in a few minutes.

I must say I am the lucky one who can live in symbiosis with nature, the nature which is so threatened today by the thoughtless use of a man.



Wildlife photography is a very interesting kind of art and the same time - big privilege, as a photographer  is able to see the wild animals in their natural environment. Today so many species are endangered . It is scary. It’s really a horrifying fact how quick the species die out today! The thought that animals that I am photographing today may not be giving me the chance to be seen in a few dozen years really scares me.

Let's take care today about this what we still have!

In this album you can find a few species of mammals, birds and other animals, some of them are already on the red list of endangered species.


Nature Photographer / Norway

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